Phulo ki mahak ko churaya nahi jata

Rule of boys:
“Phulo ki mahak ko churaya nahi jata,
suraj ki kirno ko chupaya nahi jata,
kitni bhi soni ho girlfrnd apni,
dusro ki girlfrnd ko bhulaya nahi jata..

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Attitude of girls: When a boy sends dirty sms she laughs for 10 minutes, forward dat to her friends n then replies the boy. "i dont like that kind of sms ok?" :p ;->
What does ILU means? I= I L= Love U=Urdu so I love urdu... tum kya samjhey they... I love ullu.. to haan mein tum say bhi pyar karta hoon
Cutest Proposal - A Boy Rings D Door-Bell Of A Girls Home. & Asks , "Do U Belive In Love At First Sight Or Should I Come Back Again.."
When u feel lonely and alone & cannot see any one around you, the world seems to be fading away, come along with me i'll take u to an eye specialist !!
Examples of stupid questions people ask.. 1. When people c u lying down, wid ur eyes closd dy still ask:- r u sleepin? 2. When it's rainin & some1 notices u goin out, dy ask: - r u going out in dis rain? 3. Ur friend calls ur home fone:- where r u? 4. Dey see u wet comin 4m de bathroom:- did u just hav a bath? 5. U r standin rite in front of de elevator on the ground floor & dey ask:- goin up? 6. U bring a bunch of flowers 4 ur sweet heart. & dey ask:- r dose fl.wers? 7. U'r on the queue 2 buy tickets de cinema, a friend saw u & ask:- wat r u doin here?
Boy askd girl: y do u love a rose, Which dies in a day. But Don't love me, Who dies 4 u everyday?? Girl replied: . . . Oye hoye... What a dialogue!! :d
Full form of maths M=mentally A=admited T=teacher H=harassing S=students
I Can SEE 'TEA' in A TEA-CUP Can you SEE the WORLD in WORLD-CUP? I can SING on Any STAGE Can you SING in COMA-STAGE? I can FIX my PASSPORT Size PHOTO in My PASSPORT Can you FIX Your STAMP Size PHOTO in a STAMP? I Can SEND My ADDRESS to Your MOBILE Can You SEND Your MOBILE to my ADDRESS? TRY ALL THIS........ .... Atleast DO the LAST ONE.
I Have Saved My Girl Friend Number As "LOW BATTERY" So Whenever She Calls & I Am Not Around My Wife Plugs My Phone To The Charger :p
Can u dance? ? ? ? No! . . . Sure . . . Just try it . . . Sure u cant . . . That means u r pappu!!! . . . Because pappu cant dance ..
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