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Marco Polo said:

“U can not
change ur

but u can

change ur habits….
surely ur habits will
ur future”
A girl is like a bird..
The thing most pretty in this world..

The childhood of girls is their golden age.
After that world keeps them into a beautiful cage..

This innocent creature looks like a fairy..
Who loses her feathers aftr geting married..

She leads all her life in serving others..
She also has a heart none bothers..

A dress of hapiness n pleasure she wears..
But in every corner u find a girl sheding tears..!
8 best moments in life

1> Giving the 1st salary to ur parents.

2> Thinking your love with tears.

3> Looking old photos & smiling.

4> A sweet & emotional chat with friends

5> Holding hands with your loved ones for a walk.

6> Getting a hug from one who cares you.

7> 1st kiss to your child when he / she is born.

8> The moments when your eyes are filled with tears after a big laugh.

Wish u all such gr8 moments!

Have a wonderful life!
When U Face Choices…
Just toss a coin..
not just because it settles the question,
but while the coin is in d air,
u will know what ur heart is hoping for !!!
When someone hurts u . . . .
Don’t feel bad because its the law of nature
that the tree that bears the sweetest fruits
gets maximum number of stones
A good person will always be in memory.
A better person will always be in dreams.
But the best person will always e in my heart.
U may meet people,
better than me,
funnier than me,
more beautiful than me,
but one thing i can say 2 u _ _
I will always be there 4 u when they all leave u.
Best lines by a best friend:

"It hurts me wen u talk to s0me0ne else n n0t me.. ..

it hurts even m0re wen s0me1 else makes u smile n i can't . . ."
Thousands of languages around this world
"smile" can beat them all.
"Smile" is the Language even a BABY can speak..
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