Love Kaisay Hota Hai

Teacher: LOVE kese hota hai?

Student: Miss ge..."L" ko pakar ke,
"O" ko daba ke,
"V" mein dalo,
jab “E” kee awaz aaye to samjho k "LOVE" ho gaya

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Can we do romance in the midnight today? I'm in a good mood:) Just a little bit of kissing and biting!! Reply me soon, yours Loving Mosquito.
In a bath room, a boy touches a girl everywhere! You Know whose that boy? Stupid It's Lifeboy Soap! Dirty people always think dirty.
I want to suck you lick you wanna move my tongue all over you wanna feel you in my mouth yep, that's how you eat an ice cream!
Lastnite i went 2 bed without u.. cold,naked,thinking of u, missing ur warmth, ur soft touch against my skin. Where were u "lastnite"
Fair & lovely ke ad ma face dikhaya Ponds ke ad ma hath dikhaya Pentene ke ad ma baal dikhaye Phir always ke ad ma cheating kyun?
Let me kiss ur lips, let me feel ur teeth, let me feel ur tongue. SMILE! This is ur friend "PEPSODENT" reminding you to brush ur teeth, Twice a day Everyday
Catch her by her waist Bring her home.. Keep ur hand on her neck Put ur lips on her lips & have a ... ...nice drink...PEPSI
Always start your day with a lot of... S E X S – SMILE E – ENERGY X – XCITEMENT so make S E X a daily habit, and youll always B SUCC SEX FUL! in LIFE.
In a party a lady wanted to go to toilet so she inquired with a sardar papaji susu karne ki jagah dikhao, sardarji replied u naughty pehle tum dikhao.
Sardar sent SMS to his BOSS: Me sick, no work Boss SMS back: When I am sick I kiss my wife try it 2 hours later sardar sms 2 boss: Me ok, ur wife very sweet
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