When i'll b dead

When I m Dead,
Ur Tears May Flow,
But I Wont Know,
Cry 4 Me Now, Instead..

When I m Dead,
U ll Send Flowers,
But I Wont See,
Send them Now, Instead..

When I M Dead,
U ll Say Words Of Praise,But I Wont Hear,
Praise Me Now, Instead..

When I M Dead,
U ll 4get My Faults,
But I Wont Know,
4get them Now, INSTEAD‚¦!

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Broken Trust is like a melted Chocolate, No matter how u tried to freeze it, it will never return to its original Shape..!
mout ke baad yaad aa raha hai koi, mitti mery kabr ki utha raha hai koi, a khuda do pal ki zindgi or de de, mery kabr se udas ja raha hai koi...
Dil to karta hai zindagi ko kisi qaatil k hawalay kar doon SAAHIL Judai mein ye roz roz ka marna mujhay acha nahi lagta
LOVE Has 4 Letters, But So Does HATE FRIENDS Have 7 Letters, But So Does ENEMIES TRUTH Has 5 Letters, But So Does LYING; It Hurts When One Changes Into Another
"Hurting Someone Who Really Cares For You Is As Easy As Throwing Stone In The Lake But You Don't Know How Deep That Stone Goes...!!"
A Complicated Thought: The saddest things in life r to remember d happiest moments of d past which seems unlikely 2 happen again in lyf time!
The pain is not on the day of missing our dear ones. The pain is really when u live without them & with their presence in your mind.
Humare dilki gehrai ko koi samjh paya hi nai, Kitne tanha hain hum koi jaan paya hi, Kisi ko humari kami mehsoos ho, Khuda ne hume aisa banaya hi nai...
True Lines:- We can forget the life which we lived before, But it is very painful to forget the life which we were dreaming to live.! :(
Jaankar unko, hai is baat ko jaana humne, kis kadar palat-te hain yeh khud ko dost kehne wale.
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