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Twinkle Twinkle little star,
You should know what you are,

And once you know what you are,
Mental hospital is not so far.
Roses r lal
skies r nila,
ur brain is like khali patila.
Bura man liya?


Roses r red
skies r blue,
I born smart
what d hell hapened to u.

Thora sa or bura manlo :p

Kion har bar mosam ki tarah badal jate ho,
Har bar hamara dil dukhatay ho,

Yeh bat sun ker hamari roh tak kanp gaye,
Ae dost tum masjidon se chapal or lote churate ho

Today is an international day
for the mentally disabled .

Please send an encouraging
sms to a mentally disabled friend,

as i have done‚¦‚¦‚¦
My eyes detected
My heart reacted
Thousand were rejected &
Only you were selected.
Because I needed a monkey
for an advertisement.

What? is a difference between
a Kiss, a Car and a Monkey?

A kiss is so dear,?
A car is too dear and
A monkey is U dear.
Do u remember the day we travelled in a car?
I put my dog out of the window,
u put ur face out,
then people started shouting

When u feel sad....
To cheer up just go to the mirror and say,
"damn I am really so cute"
u will overcome your sadness.
But don't make this a habit.....
Coz liars go to hell !!!!

6 truths of life:-
1. You cannot touch all of your teeth with your tongue.
2. All idiots, after reading the first truth, try it.
3. The first truth is a lie.
4. You're smiling now, because you are an idiot.
5. You soon will forward this to another idiot.
6. There's still a stupid smile on your face.

U r a nice person...
but..U have to do 2 things early in the morning...
1st. pray to God so that u can live....
2nd.take a bath so that others can live....

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